Targeted Traffic
2,000 Targeted Visitors$37.00
5,000 Targeted Visitors$47.00
10,000 Targeted Visitors$67.00
15,000 Targeted Visitors$87.00
20,000 Targeted Visitors$97.00
25,000 Targeted Visitors$117.00
50,000 Targeted Visitors$207.00
100,000 Targeted Visitors$397.00
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     Email Marketing
Plan 1 300,000 Targeted Emails $147.00
Plan 2 500,000 Targeted Emails $197.00
Plan 3 1,000,000 Targeted Emails $297.00
Plan 4 2,000,000 Targeted Emails $397.00
Plan 5 3,000,000 Targeted Emails $497.00
Plan 6 6,000,000 Targeted Emails $697.00
You will have the ability to compose your email, define up to three rotating subject lines, add or edit email lists, and control all aspects of your email campaign via our control panel after your order is complete.
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     Search Engine Submittal
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