It can sometimes take months for search engines to crawl your website and index it. Our premiere search engine submittal service will expedite the process and get you listed in major search engines in as little as 24 hours. Search engine submittal is ideal for new websites that are not yet indexed and for indexed websites which have undergone any recent changes to the website content. We also encourage you to make the most of your search engine submittal by building backlinks to your website shortly after we have submitted your website. While you do need to do so in a moderate fashion in order to maintian a natural appearance, building backlinks to your website after the search engine submittal will improve your rankings because it will reinforce the significance of your content in relation to the keywords that the search engines have decided to index you for. Always remember that the number one goal for search engines is to deliver the best and most relative content for searches.

Search Engine Submittal Features

  • We will submit your website to 60 major search engines that handle 95% of all Internet searches.
  • Get listed in as little as 24 hours from submittal
  • Your website will be indexed for the most appropriate keywords as determined by the search engines.
  • We do not perform search engine submittals for adult related websites

Tips For Better Indexing

Make sure each of your webpages has a properly defined Title tag

Whatever text you place in the title tag will appear in the reverse bar of someone's browser when they view the web page. The Title tag also provides a the title that is used to identify the page when user's save the page to their Favorites or to Bookmarks.

Each page should have a properly defined Decription meta tag

The description meta tag is where you can type a brief description of what the page is about. This information is used by, and displayed in, search engine search results to give the user a glimpse of what the page is about and how relevant the page is to his or her search. Make sure that every page has an adequate description and try to incorporate the keywords from your keywords meta tag to help reinforce the theme of the page.

Each page should have a properly defined Keywords meta tag

The keyword meta tag is used to help search engines determine what keywords the webpage should be associated with so that when a user performs a search for one or more of the keywords that you are trying to rank for, your page will appear in the search results. It is best to try and rank for long tail keyword phrases, such as "Brick oven pizza recipe" rather than "Pizza".
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