Far too often, website owners make the mistake of sending thousands of visitors to their web site without first ensuring that their website is optimized for the highest conversion possible. So before you buy targeted web site traffic at ClickThrough.com we want to make sure that your website is up to par. Following these basic guidelines will not only increase your conversion rate, but will benefit us as well because we know you will come back and purchase more traffic from us in the future.


Make sure your hosting account can accommodate the extra bandwidth

Most hosting companies cap your monthly bandwidth allotment. If you are unsure as to whether your hosting account can sustain the additional traffic you should first consult with your hosting provider and request a current bandwidth usage report. You can calculate the amount of bandwidth required for any particular web site traffic package by multiplying the total file size of your landing page by the number of visitors of that package.

Leverage your investment with a subscriber list

While it is very unlikely that every person who visits your web site will make a purchase right then and there, you might find that a greater percentage of those visitors might be interested in subscribing to your newsletter to stay informed of special offers that you might offer in the future. A subscriber list will enable you to market to your subscribers at a fraction of the cost of direct visitors and close whatever sales that you don't make today!

Provide a prominent call to action

A poorly designed landing page or home page isn't going to convert very well. Make sure that the page that you are sending your visitors to prominently displays a call to action. A prominent call to action can be anything from a flashy banner to enlarged text. You should always use a verb in your call to action, such as "Buy Now" or "Click here to order". Be creative and if at all possible, incorporate a video.

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